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  About Us

At Inner State Beauty Schools we prepare you for your future career with a solid
educational foundation. We are here to mentor our students and provide them
with the skills to launch a career with limitless possibilities.

Gainful Employment
Licensure Rate: 89.74%
Completion Rate: 63.41%
Placement Rate: 74.04%

Honors & Awards
Recipient of the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology Award of Excellence
Customer Choice Awards—Best Cosmetology School
National Cosmetology Association Competition—School Champion
Best of Cleveland 2009

Programs Offered
Cosmetology- Full or Part Time
Advanced Cosmetology - Full or Part Time
Advanced Esthetics - Full Time
Manicuring- Full or Part Time
Advanced Manicuring - Full or Part Time

Courses Include:
Your kit, books, uniform top and supplies throughout the course.

Facilities & Equipment
Inner State Beauty School is equipped with modern salon equipment and includes
two facial rooms, student lounge, lockers, staff lounge, senior cosmetology theory
classroom, junior cosmetology theory/practical classroom, senior cosmetology practical
room, laundry area, supply rooms, admission’s office, instructor office, manicuring
theory/ practical classroom, esthetician theory classroom and has a student salon
clinic area for students to receive customers.

Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted into any course at Inner State Beauty School, the applicant must
be at least sixteen (16) years of age and have a high school diploma or an equivalent.
Equivalents include a GED, or an Ability to Benefit Test along with a copy of your high
school transcripts. Either the transcripts or the ATB test must show completion of the
10th grade. If a class becomes full we will put you on the start list to begin with the
next available opening.

Ability to Benefit
Ability to benefit is a student who is beyond the state recognized age of compulsory
education, lacks a high school diploma or its equivalent and has the ability to benefit
from the education or training offered at an institution. A test is administered by an
independent approved tester. You cannot use an ATB if you are using Federal Studen aid.
You must bring a copy of the result to Inner State.

Students are required to wear solid black pants with black shoes.


Graduation & Licensing Requirements

All hours required for the course(s) enrolled must be completed. The student must
maintain a cumulative grade average of at least 75% and complete all tests, projects
and assignments. All amounts owed to the school must be paid in full. Every student
must take the Ohio State Board Examination to become licensed in the state of Ohio.
Students pay their own state board exam and registration fees.

Grading Standards
The grading standards are the same for all courses. Students failing to take or pass
an exam with a score of at least 75% will be allowed to retake the exam. When any
exam is re-taken, for any reason, the higher of the scores will become the student’s
permanent score on that test. Students must make arrangements in advance to make
up tests. Courses are taught with a combination of theory (non-clinic) and practical (clinic).

93% - 100% Excellent (A) 85% - 92.99% Good (B)
75% - 84.99% Average (C) below 75% Failing (F)

State Board of Cosmetology Exam
Our goal in setting the curriculum, organizing classes and offering services is to make sure
every student passes the state board of cosmetology exam. Inner State Beauty School will
assist each student as they apply to take the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology exam for their
course. To graduate all accounts must be paid in full, including any hours required to complete
their course after their contract graduation date. Inner State Beauty School will help you fill
out your application(s), photocopy and mail the application to State Board who will notify the
Student of their test date. You will need the following to fill out state board applications:

  1. A check or money order made out to “Treasurer, State of Ohio” in the amount
    of $31.50 with an additional $7.50 required for a work permit ($39.00 total).
    A Work Permit allows you to work in a salon between the time you receive the
    permit and your examination. Student’s accumulated hours begin expiring at a
    rate of 20% per year beginning five (5) years from the date you start school.

Accrediting & Licensing Agencies

Ohio State Board of Cosmetology
101 Southland Mall
Columbus, OH 43207-4041
4401 Ford Avenue, Suite 1300
Arlington, VA 22302
Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue
Washington, DC 20202-4723

Inner State Beauty School is approved by the Veterans Administration (VA), and Bureau of Vocaional Rehabilitation (BVR).

Student Handbook

<View> a PDF of our School Handbook


Consumer Disclosure

Inner State Beauty School is required by Federal Law to disclose certain information to our prospective and enrolled students on an annual basis:

• Available Financial Assistance
• Campus Security Report - Clery Act
• Completion/Graduation Rates
• Drug/Alcohol Abuse Prevention
• Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)
• How to Obtain Additional Information**
• Institutional Information
• Job Placement Information
• Retention Rate

All of the above information and more is found in our student handbook which is made available to all prospective and current students.

This information is available in hard copy upon request. To obtain a copy please stop by the school or contact the Financial Aid Office at: (440) 442-4500.


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