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When you pursue a career in cosmetology, you are doing more than chasing after a job. You are establishing a rewarding lifetime skill filled with excitement, opportunity and personal satisfaction! Whether you choose to create styles at the chair, own your own salon or pursue a career in entertainment, an education in cosmetology will open doors throughout your life! In a time of instability and uncertainty in other industries, the cosmetology field boasts absolute ZERO unemployment and an average salary of over $34,000 per year. There are over 500,000 cosmetology jobs available in the United States today with a large majority of salon owners stating that they have at least one or two openings currently unfilled! They're simply waiting for you to walk in and show what you can do!

Inner State Beauty School offers a unique multi-cultural education that is unavailable at any
other local school. To help you make a good decision about whether or not to invest in a education
here at Inner State Beauty School we want you to know the latest information:

When you become licensed in the field of cosmetology there are many options. Many graduates
go on to open their own salons. A person may work in a salon and receive a salary plus tips. A
person may work and receive a base salary, tips, and a commission on all services performed and
products sold. A person may also rent space in a salon. When you rent a space in a salon you
are operating a business as a independent contractor within that salon, so you must have a
managers license. Salaries depend on the salon you are in and number of hours you work.
Pay can be either hourly or salary and will vary greatly from one salon to the next. The average
salary for cosmetologists is about $35,000 and can be over $100,000 for a stylist with a large
clientele. Once you own your own salon, the profit potential and possibilities are unlimited.

Physical Demands
Cosmetologists and Estheticians have long hours of standing. Manicurists sit most of the time.
This field requires a person to deal with a wide variety of personalities. A professional must
be able to communicate with his/her clients.

Safety Requirements
A person who works in the field should be aware of the chemicals used for perms, color and
nails as you may breath the chemicals and they can get on your skin. Occasionally, customers
may have a scalp or nail disease or allergy to chemicals used.



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