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Thank you for your interest in Inner State Beauty School for your Hair, Skin or Nail
education and training. You will benefit greatly from your time here with us. Below,
some former graduates share their feelings about the Inner State experience:

“The whole experience was very informative. I loved the instructor’s and staff. If I had
to do it all over again I would choose Inner State, hands down!”

“The teachers and staff were very friendly and helpful, they really went the extra mile in
order to make sure I completely understood what I learned.”

“I liked the casual atmosphere of the classroom and clinical area. I liked that student input
really mattered to the instructor.”

“The thing I liked best about my training was the in-depth information, the professionalism
of the staff and the compassion. The practical training was wonderful.”

“My instructor made learning very exciting and fun!”James

“I enjoyed my time here because the instructor kept class morale and team work at a
high level and was patient with each of us.”

“I enjoyed Inner State Beauty School because now I understand the Cosmetology
profession. I received the best training possible at Inner State Beauty School.”

“When I needed extra, personal assistance from my instructor she was ready to give me
the help.”

“The class was very thorough and informative and my teacher(s) were great!” Patty

“My class was well taught and the staff at Inner State was very helpful and enjoyable.” Lauren

“I enjoyed the teachers at Inner State Beauty School. The teachers added something special
to each class and made it all the more worthwhile.”

“Taking classes here confirmed my decision to enter the Manicuring business. I could not
have asked for a better instructor!”

“My teacher here at Inner State Beauty School went above and beyond book learning. She
brought real experience to the class and I feel confident that I am ready to begin my new

“Inner State Beauty School was a great experience and I would recommend it to

“The school was well organized and the instructor made sure that we knew
everything we needed!”

“My instructor was very knowledgeable and I really enjoyed doing practical work. The
course itself was very affordable compared to other beauty schools and I would recommend
this school.”
Mary Terese

“I learned a lot from both the teachers and other students!”Stephanie

“Very informative. The instructors were always willing to give additional instruction”Alice


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