750 Hr. Advanced Esthetics
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Advanced Esthetics Program Highlights

Skin Care is Hot! Spa and Salon services are being added so quickly its difficult to
list them all. In recent years people have grown more interested than ever in the
health and beauty of the skin. Skin care salons and spas along with new beauty
services have popped-up everywhere to satisfy the public's increasing interest in
skin care. As highly trained specialists, Advanced Estheticians provide preventative care for
the skin and offer treatments to keep the skin healthy and attractive.

As an Advanced Esthetician you can exercise your creative abilities in a stable career that
rewards talent and creativity. How would you like to apply make-up or perform a
facial on a television personality or movie star? How about a career where you
travel frequently and demonstrate the latest cosmetic products to audiences
around the country? Other career opportunities include Beauty Advisor at a make-up
counter, Cosmetic Buyer, Beauty Consultant, Platform Artist, Assistant to Dermatologist
or Cosmetic Surgeon, Representative for a Cosmetic Line or Manufacturer, Make-Up
Artist for the entertainment industry, or even your own Line of Cosmetics. When you
complete your training and acquire the license to practice as an Advanced Esthetician, exciting
and unlimited opportunities await!

As an Advanced Esthetician or makeup artist you can exercise your creative abilities in a stable
career that rewards talent. Best of all, for the amount of preparation time and expense,
few other fields offers as many job opportunities. With your license in hand, you're on
your way to a lifetime career in a dynamic and prestigious industry.

750 Hour Advanced Esthetics Program Objectives

Gainful Employment Info for Esthetics

Skin care is an emerging field and there is a lot to learn with new concepts being
introduced on a regular basis. This is a combination course teaching esthetics and
salon management. This course includes thorough training in theory, demonstration,
and practice in all aspects of facials and skin care.

Students begin as junior esthetician students. They can achieve senior status by
testing out of the junior portion after they earn approximately 50 hours. The student
will learn everything from the esthetician course plus advanced esthetics. The
advanced management portion of the course will consist of theory, practical and clinical
work. This combination course is designed to teach the full course material and allow each
student the opportunity to learn to learn the business side of the industry. They will learn
how to solve problems in the salon including diagnosing problems with skin and recommending remedies. The student will learn how to schedule appointments, take inventory, hire and train personnel, maintain fiancing, and how to run a salon floor.

This certificate qualifies the student to take the state board test in both Esthetics
and Advanced Esthetics. Having completed this course a student will be able to work
as a esthetician, beauty therapist, make-up artist, demonstrator, platform artist, or a
manufacturers representative. Tests are primarily multiple choice to correspond with
the State Board of Cosmetology exam, but will also include essay and fill in. We use
the Milady Standard Fundamentals for Estheticians, Milady Standard Fundamentals for
Estheticians Workbook, Milady Standard Fundamentals for Estheticians Exam Review,
and in the management portion a management notebook with corresponding support
materials. Theory is taught through a combination of lecture, handouts, videos, workbooks
and reading. Practical is taught through demonstration, lecture and hands
on practice.

  Hours In Each Subject Area

  Esthetician Porton - 600 Hrs.

Sanitation and Bacteriology:
Sanitation, Sterilization, Bacteriology, Dispensary requirements/operations
Head, Bones- chest/neck/shoulders, Muscles, Nerves, Cells, Tissues
Specialized Equipment & Treatments:
Electricity, Light therapy, Safety & effects, Brow tint/waxing, Artificial lashes
Preparation, Manipulations
Compounds & mixture, Water- chemistry and effects, Ingredients- chemistry
and cosmetics
Preparation, Equipment, Treatments
Skin types/ textures/ nerves, Histology- elasticity and nourishment, Diseases
and disorders
Equipment, implements, products, Color coordination and contouring, Corrective make-up,
Eye make-up
Salon Operations & Communication Skills:
Human relations, Career development, Personality & presentation, Salon operation/
management, Sales/interpersonal skills
Cosmetology Laws and Rules:
Ohio cosmetology laws and rules, Inspection/enforcement

  Advanced Portion - 150 hrs.

Cosmetology Laws & Rules:
Ohio revised code statues, Ohio administrative rules, License & permit policy &
procedures, Continuing education policy & procedures, Inspection& enforcement
policy & procedures
Public Health and Safety:
Sanitation practices & procedures, Sterilization practices & procedures, Dispensary
operations & procedures, Bacteriology, contagious & communicable disease control,
Salon operation & procedures, Consumer & product safety
Advanced Techniques:
Advanced Anatomy of the Skin, Advanced Treatment of Muscles and Nerves,
Advanced Facial and Body Treatment, Salon Supervision and Management, Specialized
Equipment Use and Control, Product and Service Sales Training and Communication Skills.



Esthetics Start Dates

We begin the Advanced Esthetics course the first Tuesday of each month.


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